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Volume - I, Part - I

Article Author
Security Issues of E-Commerce Application: SQL Injection Vulneralities, Threats & Solutions U.S. Pandey & Saurabh Shukla
Lesicgraphic Version of Multicommodity Transportation Problem K.L.Agrawal
Self Similar Model for Spherical Magnoto Gasdynamic Shockwaves with material pressure K.K.Srivastava & Seema Singh
Maximum likelyhood Estimation of queuening Parameters Nidi Srivastava & K.K.Srivastava
A note on the tchebicheff polymoniales of kind S.k. Raizada & Munish Kumar
Self Similar Solution & Cylinderical Shock wave in megnetogas dynamic Jitender Kumar, K.k. Srivastava, Reshma Litoria
Transient Behaviour of Analysis of Bulk Queue we with multiple Vacations Anis Ahmad., A.Solanki & P.N. Srivastava