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From the Desk of the Chief Editor

The" Indian Journal of Mathematical Sciences and Computer Applications" is published under the auspices of "Bundelkhand Academy of Sciences, Jhansi" The partI of Vol I was published in 2011. Now we are bringing out the part II of vol I .This part is deicated to two of my teachers -1. Principal of Bundelkhand college ,Jhansi Sri Sukh Swarup, who was my teacher during my M.Sc. course from 1962-64 ,and was fouder Principal of the college,and this year 2012 is his centnary year; 2-Prof R.P. SIngh, former Professor of mathematics ,Regional college of Education ,Bhopal, who was my research supervisor for the degree of Ph.D.and who expired in 2o11.

Also year 2012 happens to be 125th Birth year of mathematical legend -Sri S.Ramanujam. hence we also pay homage to him and dedicate this issue to him also. Govt. of India has declared 2012 as National Mathematical year of India.

The present issue could be possible because of the supprt of my friends and students to whoom I pay thanks ,specially I shal mention the names of Prof (Dr) U .S.Pandey, of Delhi university,Delhi and Dr. Suarabh Srivastava of Bundelkhand university, Jhansi. Also I shall like to thank Prof B.D.Acharya for his guidance and suggesions from time to time. I also thank the authors who contributaed their articles for publication. Finally I thank to the refrees who spared their time to evaluate the papers recievd. The issue contains the guidelines for the authors regarding the format of the papers.

I believe I shall continue to receive your support and cooperation in future also.
With best wishes and kind regards

Prof. P.N. Srivastava
Ex. Professor & Head
Department of Mathematical Science & Computer Applications,
Bundelkhand, Jhansi